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SDF Gold Star
SDF Light Em Up X SDF MeatMaker
Semen $200/dose

I love this boar! Gold Star is a very unique Duroc boar. He is a very up-headed boar whos  neck and head set is very high on his shoulder. This in itself is rare for a Duroc but couple his cool front end with his massive bone and his great muscle shape down his top with a big square hip and you have a red more that can make history. The interesting thing genetically about this boar is that the MeatMaker boar is a combination of our RW Meatpacker boar with a shot of Freak Show that brings massive bone and structure to the pedigree. I am all in on Gold Star.

SDF Pathfinder
Iconic X SDF Bold Ruler
Semen $200/ dose (no overrun pricing)

This is the Iconic son the hog world has been waiting for. Super heavy structured: big skull, big blade, big forearm, big legged, big foot. Pathfinder is wide centered, has a thick, square hip and is level in his design. A tremendous combination of bone, body and look.

Load 'Em Up
SDF Bold Ruler X SDF Bold Statement
Semen $150/dose

Load 'Em Up is the same mating as the $17,000 Light 'Em Up boar we sold to Crossroads Genetics. At the 2014 WPX Light 'Em Up sired the $90,000 top selling Duroc boar and was named Premier Sire. Load 'Em Up is an up headed, level topped, eye catching boar. He is bold fronted, wide centered and has a big square hip. He is perfect in his toes and feet placement. He will see heavy use on our farm.

Crown Royal X Gator
Semen $125/ dose

Hedgewood was purchased from Nathan Weisinger. His full sister was the Grand Champion Gilt Overall at the 2012 World Pork Expo Junior Show and his full brother was the Grand Duroc Barrow at the 2012 American Royal! Also his full sister is the mother of Iconic the $97,000 champion boar from the 2013 WPX. I really feel that Hedgewood will leave his mark making great Duroc females. Combine his pedigree with his correctness,  structural soundness, foot and bone and great things are going to happen.

SDF Big Center
Big Ten X Truck
Semen $150/dose

Big Center is one big footed, heavy boned, wide centered, square hipped Duroc boar. He is huge in his blade and forearm, level in his top and correct in his structure. Big Center is a littermate to our reserve champion boar at the 2013 Fall Classic and his mother is also the mother of our 2012 WPX champion gilt. His sire was shown by Nelsons and was the top selling Duroc at the 2012 WPX and his mother is a linebred Big Louie sow which makes him an outcross to most Duroc pedigrees.

Thriller X No Fare's sister
Semen $100/ dose

We bought this boar at the 2013 Crossbred Classic. He is a super heavy boned, moderate framed, wide centered boar. His sire is at Shaffer's Goldrush and his mother is a littermate to the super sire No Fare standing at Fischers. Jordan should be a great show pig sire.
Net Worth X Rondo
For semen call RAR Genetics at 866-757-4363

When I was searching for a new Yorkshire herd sire I wanted a pig that was tall fronted, wide fronted, was up and strong on his feet, square made in his hip and kept his feet on the corners when he walked. Asset covered all those areas plus he has that eye catching, up headed, stylish look to him. As much as I liked him the day he was purchased he looks even better as he has matured. This is a real good Yorkshire boar.

Fixin' It
Augusta X Unreal
Semen $100/dose

Fixin' It is one impressive Hampshire boar. He looks like the ideal barrow sire being massive in his shoulder and fore rib, tall fronted, dead level in his top and hip. square in his rump, heavy in his bone and square on his feet and legs. Since he was shown in the youngest class at Belton and purchased from Bill Range he has continued to grow and impress us more and more every day. Rarely do you buy a boar that just explodes when you get them home but Fixin' It has done just that. This boar will sire champions and fix a lot of problems in the Hampshire breed.


SDF Elvis
King X Bold Ruler's Sister
Semen: $150/dose

This is the King son we have been waiting for. Moderate sized, heavy, heavy boned and correct in his movement all describe Elvis. Along with his look his pedigree really has us excited. Elvis is King, the hottest boar of 2013, bred to Bold Ruler's littermate sister. What a combination of two terrific Duroc lines.


SDF Bold Ruler
SDF Secretariat X SDF Truck
Semen $150/dose

Bold Ruler is a very balanced, complete and fault free boar. He is perfect in his frame size and length of body for today's modern show pig. He is ideal in his structure being free and easy in his movement, heavy in his bone, big in his foot size and perfect in his foot placement with his legs out on the corners. Bold Ruler shows good muscle shape down his top, is bold and deep in his rib, square and wide in his hip and carries the width down square to the ground. If you want to show champions they must be sound and they must be complete- Bold Ruler can do that for you.


STN Corn Crib
Rib Crib X Stickout
Semen: $125

Everybody is looking for that really good outcross boar. This just might be the one. No Buck Cherry in this one. This Rib Crib son is super flexible, super sound with a great set to both front and rear legs. The slatted flooring you see in the photo is all he's seen his entire life going from my slatted finisher directly to my slatted gestation barn. He has never seen any special show feed, yet shows all the muscle of a pig on a "show diet".  He has big feet and toes, is moderately framed and very expressive. His look is very reminisent of his dam's sire, the great Stickout that stood at Shaffer's. His hip, much like his maternal grandsire's is explosive yet very flexible. His first pigs have hit the ground and look every bit the part.

Absolute X Megatron
Semen $100/dose

.50 backfat, 9.50 loineye at 261 lbs.
Meatpacker was the champion boar at the 2010 Indiana State Fair from Rick Whitman. He is a unique combination of perfect structure and soundness with tremendous muscle, leanness and width. Meatpacker is a wide made boar that is still lean. Most Durocs shown today are wide because they are overly fat. Meatpacker is also a perfectly level boar that is big footed and super sound, especially off his rear legs. Meatpacker is unique. We think he will be the foundation of our herd for years to come.

SDF Bold Statement
SDF Secretariat X SDF Square D
Semen $100/dose

Bold Statement is extreme in every way. He is an extremely big footed, heavy boned boar that is opened up through his base and center rib. He is level down his top and rump and has a lot of width and dimension through his hip. One thing I find very interesting about this boar is his flex in his rear pasterns. This is a trait his whole litter has and is something desperately needed in the modern show hog. His littermate sister was a first place gilt at the NJSA Summer Spectacular in Louisville and I plan to keep three other littermate gilts as well.

Square D
Pi R Squared X Drastic

Sired by the $44,000 Pi R Squared boar and has the same mother as the $11,500 Safari boar standing at Prairie State Semen.

Envy X Red Rhino

Truck is a triple bred Big Louie. He is wide centered through his blade, center rib and rump with a big foot and heavy bone. He is modern in his frame size. I feel that Truck is the ideal Duroc boar for the modern show ring. These litters offered will be his first offspring.
SDF9 Secretariat 54-12
Triple Crown ($60,000 WPX Champion X SDF Envy)

This is the Triple Crown son we decided to keep. Super heavy boned and big footed. Wide fronted with great depth and spring of to his rib. From behind he has his feet on the corners with a big square rump.

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