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STN Exclusive

All Inclusive  X  Excess

Semen $150/dose--$100/dose after noon central time
Exclusive is the unique combination of skeletal width and extension with muscularity from end to end.  He comes and goes wide and true to the ground.  He will add dimension and muscle without sacrificing soundness.  His dam is the result of breeding Excess to his mother.  She is one very impressive sow.  Breed with confidence to make fault free powerful ones.

Call Carl Stein at 816-914-4914 to place a semen order.

STN Full Count 3-2

He's the One  X  Load em Up

Semen $200/dose--$100/dose after noon central time
Full Count is a littermate to the great $60,000 WPX Champion boar I'm the One at Upperhand.This boar has the same great width of chest and tall (almost uphill appearing) front end. He is a bigger outlined boar that maintains his width and thickness throughout.  Of course his sire has had an unprecedented influence on the breed but his dam has also done great things as well with champions out of 3 different sires and numerous daughters kept in the herd.  No question, I'm the One is the best boar I've ever raised but this one isn't far behind.

Call Carl Stein at 816-914-4914 to place a semen order.

STN Kubota

Kuba  X  King

Semen $150/dose--$100/dose after noon central time
I kept Kubota with the intention of making great females.  He has that look about him with a tall yet powerful shoulder with base width and spring of rib.  As we strive to make them taller and prettier fronted, width of chest and rib curvature will be important.  His mother is an 8th litter daughter of the original King boar at Cains.  She was the mother of my 2015 champion gilt at Fall Classic.  If your wanting to make great females, I believe this one has the pedigree and the look to do it.

Call Carl Stein at 816-914-4914 to place a semen order.

SDF Onward

Watch N Learn X SDF Goldstar

Semen $200/ dose. Overrun $100/ after noon central time.
I feel that Onward is the best barrow sire I have ever produced. Onward gives that eye-catching , tall fronted, dead level side profile that stands out in the showring. However unlike most great profiling pigs Onward also has a tremendous center being wide from his shoulder, thru his rib and his hip. He has great shape down his top and a square hip. He is also up on his pasterns, has big feet and large, square toes. He will make barrows with look and muscle that will win.

Call Doug Stewart at 319-231-0676 to place a semen order.

SDF Foundation

SDF Structure X SDF Meatpacker

Semen $150/ dose. Overrun $100/ after noon central time.

Foundation’s mother is the foundation sow in my herd. She is a 9th parity sow that was sired by Meatpacker (Absolute X Full Shifts full sister) the 2010 Indiana State Fair champion boar bought from Rick Whitman. She is the grandmother or great grandmother of our $15,000 Foundation gilt, He’s The Light, Mr Right, Quiet Riot, the reserve champion barrow 2016 Arizona National plus a large percentage of our sow herd. Foundation has 5 littermate sisters we are retaining. Foundation is freaky big legged with extension and length of front. He is loose jointed, big ribbed, wide centered and has a big range of motion. This boar will make females.

Call Doug Stewart at 319-231-0676 to place a semen order.

Class Act X Challenger
Semen $150/dose - Overrun semen $100/dose after noon CST.

Jasper is the $17,000 champion and top selling Duroc boar from the 2016 Fall Classic. If you know me you know I don't like to buy boars. I much perfer to raise them myself. It takes a special, eye-catching boar from a herd I genetically trust with a pedigree I trust to get me to think about making a purchase. Jasper is all of that and more. Jasper has great show ring presence. He is up-headed and eye-catching in his look, wide based front and rear, balanced in his design and correct in his movement with big, even toes. Jasper is sired by Class Act the $30,000 2015 STC champion boar who is a Slats X Challenger with that sow being a $18,000 Fordice gilt. Bottom line I feel that Jasper will really work on our sows. Finally we named him Jasper in honor of Jack Rodibaugh's champion barrow from the 1969 International. Jasper was considered the ideal market hog and his likeness is still used for hog trophies. With Jack recently passing we thought it was only fitting.

Call Doug Stewart at 319-231-0676 to place a semen order.

Coffee Black
Wayward Son X Point Maker
Semen $100/ dose

We are super excited to add Coffee Black to our herdboar lineup. To find a Hampshire that is big legged, tall fronted, dead level, big bodied and fluid in his movement is no easy task but Coffee Black has all that and more. Coffee Black comes from a great litter as we are keeping two littermate sisters with one of them being the best Hampshire gilt we have ever raised. A great boar from a great litter, use him with confidence.

Call Doug Stewart at 319-231-0676 to place a semen order.

SDF Structure
American Outlaw X Full Back
Please contact Lean Value Sires for price and availability. 1-800-972-8766.

This is a very unique Duroc boar. Structure is absolutely massive in his blade, forearm, foot and rear leg. He is square and thick in his top and square to the ground. When you let him out of his pen he sprints from one end of the pen to the other and back with no tightness in his spine or joints. With all his heaviness of structure he has been described by visitors as having a perfect set to his rear pastern. Structure will make barrows that will stand out. Keep the look and add the Structure.

SDF He’s The Light
He’s The One X Light ‘Em Up
Semen $150/dose - Overrun semen $100/dose after noon CST.

We think this one is special. He’s The Light has a great look and presence. He is perfectly sound, balanced and has the “it” factor that it takes to win in the show ring. He is up headed and tall fronted yet still has shape in his top and a big square hip. He’s The Light will give you the look and correctness of structure that it takes to win. From a tremendous litter that included a $25,000 boar sold off-the-farmĀ  to Swine Genetics International, two gilts sold online and three more retained for the sow herd. His mother also produced Red Revolver at Lean Value.

Call Doug Stewart at 319-231-0676 to place a semen order.


STN Dimensional
American Outlaw X New Dimension

Dimensional's name really describes him. He is powerful from end to end with tremendous spring of rib, big expressive top and explosive hip and rump. He is very flexible spined, tall fronted and up-headed. When he's on the move, he sets 'em down square and true. Dimensional's name is also a tribute to his mother who has had a tremendous influence on my herd. In three different litters she has produced the Champion gilt and reserve champion boar at the Missouri State Fair, our herdsire Excess and now, Dimensional. Take the guess work out of the equation, use predictable, superior genetics. Use Dimensional!


Gold Star X Crown Royal

Pigs today have to have the look. They must be up headed, tall fronted and perfectly level but still have a wide base, a wide center and the correctness of structure to be able to walk forever. Those are the reasons Ram is getting used heavy on our farm. His mother is a littermate to the $8,500 champion gilt at the 2012 Summer Type Congress.

Iconic X New Dimension
Semen $100/dose

Excess got his name because as I studied him, I found him to be excessive in width, rib, levelness, soundness, muscularity, look and design.  This moderately framed herd boar had me excited from nursery stage on.  I was sure he would work extremely well on my sow herd but wanted to make sure how good his pigs would be before offering him to the public.  I have not been disappointed.  His  pigs come into their muscle early enough to be easy to sell as showpigs.  They continue to impress as they mature.  Excess is out of the great Iconic and the best sow in my herd.  Her first litter produced champion gilts at  Missouri and Washington State Fairs.  The reserve champion and top selling boar at Missouri also came from that litter. Her second litter contained Excess as well as 3 keeper gilts now serving in the herd.  Excess has rejuvenated my passion for raising show quality Durocs, let him do the same for you.


Load 'Em Up
SDF Bold Ruler X SDF Bold Statement
Semen $100/dose

Load 'Em Up is the same mating as the $17,000 Light 'Em Up boar we sold to Crossroads Genetics. At the 2014 WPX Light 'Em Up sired the $90,000 top selling Duroc boar and was named Premier Sire. Load 'Em Up is an up headed, level topped, eye catching boar. He is bold fronted, wide centered and has a big square hip. He is perfect in his toes and feet placement. He will see heavy use on our farm.

SDF Drive Shaft
Load Em Up X Meat Maker

Drive Shaft is a beast. He is a wide centered, thick topped, big ribbed massive boar. He is tall fronted and level in his top and hip. Drive Shaft is massive in his forearm, big in his toes and foot and heavy in his skeleton. He has all this mass but is still clean in his hock and true in his movement. If you're looking for a boar to add mass, body and width from his base to his top Drive Shaft is your answer. His sister tied for first in the Iowa Swine Jackpot Series in 2015 and we are keeping two more to put back into our herd. A great boar from a great litter.

American Outlaw
King of Outlaws X Complete Game

American Outlaw was an off-the-farm purchase from the Brattains. He is massive in his center body and rib dimension, loose and flexible in his spine and dead level in his top and hip. He moves with a big, long stride and has a great range of motion when he moves. Like all King of Outlaws he is heavy in his skeleton and stout in his skull. His sister was the Champion Duroc and Champion Overall Gilt at the Show-PIG-Planet Jackpot and high-placing at both the WPX and NJSS. I am as excited about American Outlaw's siring ability as any boar I have ever used.

Littermate to American Outlaw

SDF Gold Star
SDF Light Em Up X SDF MeatMaker

I love this boar! Gold Star is a very unique Duroc boar. He is a very up-headed boar whos  neck and head set is very high on his shoulder. This in itself is rare for a Duroc but couple his cool front end with his massive bone and his great muscle shape down his top with a big square hip and you have a red more that can make history. The interesting thing genetically about this boar is that the MeatMaker boar is a combination of our RW Meatpacker boar with a shot of Freak Show that brings massive bone and structure to the pedigree. I am all in on Gold Star.

SDF Bold Ruler
SDF Secretariat X SDF Truck

Bold Ruler is a very balanced, complete and fault free boar. He is perfect in his frame size and length of body for today's modern show pig. He is ideal in his structure being free and easy in his movement, heavy in his bone, big in his foot size and perfect in his foot placement with his legs out on the corners. Bold Ruler shows good muscle shape down his top, is bold and deep in his rib, square and wide in his hip and carries the width down square to the ground. If you want to show champions they must be sound and they must be complete- Bold Ruler can do that for you. Bold Ruler has been leased to Lean Value Sires. For semen call 1-800-972-8766.


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